The Grizzly Claw


The Grizzly Claw is a daily publication produced by the students of Central High School in Fresno, California, since February 2016 with a potential readership of over 4,000 students and educators. We are committed to informing our school community, at each of our East and West campuses, in a timely, ethical, engaging way. We also want to provide a venue for student expression.

Today The Grizzly Claw is in its emerging stages as a multimedia publication focused on producing current articles in addition to photos, slideshows and videos. The Grizzly Claw is advised by Shana Kaspian since 2000. Ms. Kaspian had produced a printed newspaper from 2,000 – 2016, and is now working with present staff to develop a web version that will honor the journalistic efforts of previous advisers and staff who have produced a print version of our high school newspaper since the 1930’s.

To further reach our community, The Grizzly Claw seeks to extend its readership through its social media outlets: Central High News Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. The staff welcomes students, parents and educators to connect with us on each of those media platforms.

The Grizzly Claw’s staff base is located at Central High School – East Campus, 3535 N. Cornelia Ave. Fresno, CA 93722. The high school office can be reached at 559 – 276 – 0280. Our school principal is Robert Perez. Our assistant principals are Brad Edmunds (East campus) and David Holtermann (West campus).

The student news site of Central High School