NFL Draft predictions: compare your picks to the pros


The first NFL draft was held in 1936 in an effort to balance the league.

Samuel Mendoza, Staff Writer

It’s about that time of the year where you and your family argue, fight, maybe even chuck each other across the room. But that just means the NFL draft is here once again. The picks are in and it’s about time to compare your predictions to the pros. Everyone predicts the outcome and argues why they are right. I’m here to show you what the best professional  analysts believe are the best and the worst calls. 


Keep in mind, if you come in armed with data, as well as the opinions of the best in the business, you can more efficiently humiliate your friends and family.


 For starter’s we have Tony Romo, one of the most reliable, professional sports analysts in the business. On draft day, Romo mentioned that the Patriots could possibly be a better team with players drafted and all the money they have, but cast them in a positive light overall. Another pro football analyst Mike Florio also has high hopes for the patriots. With the draft they picked up Mac Jones, a rookie quarterback to help the team out. He also said that with all the cap space they had they were able to pull lots of players in free agency to make the team better.


 Now there were lots of heated arguments when the 49ers selected Trey Lance with the 3rd overall pick. Respected NFL network analyst Rich Eisen says that it was a good pick for the 49ers. He goes on to explain that Trey Lance did lead his college team to a 16-0 record at one point. Although most people said that the team shouldn’t have drafted Lance and they should have drafted Justin Fields, a quarterback out of Ohio State. Another Nfl Network specialist Steave Mariuccis agreed that it would be a good pick for the 49ers and if they were to keep Jimmy Goroppolo he could possibly mentor Trey Lance and teach him a few things. Overall lots of sports analysts really liked this pick.


Now for the 11th pick overall Justin Fields. Now there’s lots and lots of people out there who were disappointed by this pick but  the bear fans are probably really happy. CBS Sports analysis Dave Richard claims that the Bears have selected the second best quarterback in the draft. And that coming from Dave Richard means it’s really good. He believes Fields can get that starter spot because the only person in his way is Andy Dalton. Another analysis from NBC sports Ryan Pace said that Fields has loads of  talent from his arm strength to his speed he was an excellent pick for the Bears. Plus his passing to Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson will be a dangerous combo.


This now concludes the NFL draft comparison with the pros. If you have a different opinion on these draft picks or maybe even agree, comment down below and let me know what you think should have happened.  You can watch the draft starting April 29th 2021 and ending on May 1st 2021. And remember not to throw  your family members just because they didn’t agree with you.