Personalized gift ideas for Father’s Day


BY Clara Kline

Poster celebrating Father’s Day.

Clara Kline, Staff Writer

Due to the pandemic, many of us may not have had enough time to think about the perfect Father’s Day gift. Yet, most of us want to give something special and unique to our fathers that they will cherish for years to come. To add to the pressure, most students are on a limited income.
What’s key to remember here is that a gift that will mean the most to dad isn’t always expensive. Here are some affordable, personalized gift ideas that not only will make dad feel loved, but be a keepsake for years to come.

1)A “Tool box Gift set” with an engraved cover. The price for this is pricey at $62.92, however it will be very creative and special to give to your father.

2) A wallet with their name engraved on it is a perfect gift idea. Most dads never buy a new wallet even if it has a hole in it. Father’s Day would be a perfect day to give your dad a nice strong wallet to cherish for years. The price is about $19.95

3) A personalized coffee mug is also a great gift idea for dads who have coffee every morning. This price is about $11.95.You could put words like a phrase only you two use or even a message from your heart.

4) A portable campfire is great for any dad who loves the outdoors. This is great for being out in the wild. The price for this is about $27.99.

5)A personalized keychain would be nice to give your dad. Most Father’s have over 20 keys so it will be helpful for them to have. The price is about $15.75.

6)For any dads who are huge fans of the Star Wars franchise, you can get them a T-Shirt that says “I am your father”. Not only is it true, it will also put a big smile on their face. The price for this is about $22.99

7) This last gift idea is the classic sports game tickets. Most dads love going to games, whether it’s football,baseball, soccer, or basketball. However, most pro-games are out of your price range.

Consider college or local team tickets.Fresno State football would be a great idea. The cheapest tickets are about $99 each, however you can only buy 2 of these types of tickets. Which should be perfect so it can be just you and your father.

Hopefully these gifts gave you an idea on what your dad might appreciate. Though remember, most fathers will be happy no matter what they receive from you. For those that love us most, it truly is the thought that counts at the end of Father’s Day.