Godzilla vs. Kong delivers summer action thriller, adds another great installment to the franchise

Godzilla vs Kong

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New movie “Godzilla vs Kong” brings much anticipated action, suspense to both franchises.

Julian Lopez, Staff Writer

Few blockbuster movies with the long legacy of Godzilla are able to fulfill the grand expectations of its audience. Yet, successful thrillers and epic box office hits such as Star Wars, and any of the Marvel comic book movies have proven it can be done. However the thrill of actually being able to go out, sit down and enjoy a movie in a theatre has been stripped from audiences this past year. One of the biggest action movies of 2021 renews an old rivalry  from two cinematic franchises along with providing that mega-movie excitement audiences got from better times and bigger screens.

The 2021 movie “Godzilla vs. Kong”, released March 31st 2021,  meets most fan expectations and recreates that feeling of what going to see a blockbuster movie felt like before the pandemic hit. The whole movie revives an old, but beloved franchise. It references the cult classic King Kong vs Godzilla, a 1962 Japanese film that solidified the “Monster Craze” in cinema pop-culture.

The movie provides a wide array of action, thrills, and suspense, while appealing to audiences of all ages. It’s greatest weakness is that when the spectacle wears off, viewers begin to notice a confusing plot that often seems rushed or generic. Nonetheless, it should be imperative to understand some of the many reviews that individuals have regarding the movie, and what the general public thinks about it as well. Here is a point a major article made about the overall film and its success as an individual movie, and the significance of the film of the overall film itself:


Godzilla vs. Kong” is a crowd-pleasing, smash-’em-up monster flick and a straight-up action picture par excellence. It is a fairy tale and a science-fiction exploration film, a Western, a pro wrestling extravaganza, a conspiracy thriller, a Frankenstein movie, a heartwarming drama about animals and their human pals, and, in spots, a voluptuously wacky spectacle that plays as if the creation sequence in “The Tree of Life” had been subcontracted to the makers of “Yellow Submarine.” (rogerbert.com)


The fact that the movie is able to captivate its audience with its stunning visuals, and action packed scenes where Godzilla and Kong fight each other, as well as the individual scenes where we are first able to see them on screen is masterful; each monster’s presence is palpable. It also stylistically represents what’s best about the new and old franchise as the monster design and development captures the spirit of the tradition without seeming dated.


However, this film does come with some minor problems. Here are some reviews of the movie from a popular movie review site that has already stated some criticisms of the movie, while also granting the film a little bit of artistic praise for its intricate use of special effects and CGI to make theses monsters really come to life


Pamala Powell- Godzilla vs. Kong does tick all the right boxes of animation, artistry and larger-than-life characters, which will please all of the fans of this universe, but the writing, directing and acting boxes are empty.

(Rotten tomatoes.com)


The film does surprisingly do well in delivering satisfying action, as well as its initial delivery of the story premise. However, it ultimately fails to really connect both traditions in terms of plot and the story does seem forced at times throughout the film. The use of great special effects and as well as the overall action of the film do allow the film to be enjoyable for all ages, but the plot’s development is definitely a major concern. The film does create an interesting dynamic between the main two characters, while also keeping the overall story of the film itself, somewhat intact.

Another slight criticism of the film, is that the action sequences can seem a bit grating, even disorienting due to the loud audio, mixed with intense visuals and rapidly shifting perspectives. As amazing as the visuals are, sometimes it’s tough to grab onto one image before we’re hit with many more in rapid succession. The action is there, it’s just challenging to follow it at times.


In the end, Godzilla vs. Kong delivers that feeling of being able to feel normal again in great times of turmoil, and harkens back to the experience of big movie thrillers for all ages. It’s also an action filled monster battle between two cinematic legends. It may not be a science fiction masterpiece, and although the plot drags the audience along at some points, Godzilla vs. Kong is a decidedly fun, escapist  film best enjoyed with a group of family and friends who can scream, laugh and cheer along with you.