Mortal Kombat action suffers from endless backstories


Image Courtesy Of Warner Brothers

Sub-Zero and Scorpion battle it out in the first scene of the film leaving fans in intrigued by this legendary feud

Nikki Santana, Staff Writer

The new action packed Mortal Kombat movie is definitely a movie for the fans of the game. If you are someone who is interested in the origins of the characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, and Sonya, you are going to enjoy the film so much more as they go into detail while developing these characters. You can now stream Mortal Kombat on HBO Max until May 24th.
Fans had high hopes for the film, but no one expected such great characterization. Typically movies based on games feature flat characters and poor casting. In this case, each actor was a great fit when it came to playing their role and capturing the essence of their character. This makes the film easier to watch than the last Mortal Kombat film since we aren’t constantly cringing at the bad acting..
Mortal Kombat also delivers on fans expectations in terms of action and special effects. There’s definitely some excitement here for the fans. However, compared to the previews of the movie, the action was a bit over hyped. The fights were still passably fun to watch, but not out of the ordinary. The action was really fast paced which was a relief after such long character development. When it comes to special effects fans were not left disappointed as characters had their abilities displayed through CG that helped capture their talents that physical can’t be done. Weapons went from icicles to full on swords which made the movie more engaging as we wondered what other random objects were going to be transformed in battle.
Although the characterization and special effects were solid, when it came down to plot development the film is not on point. The movie opens up with an action packed fight capturing the fans attention only to lose it again during the very slow-paced character building. This left the plot muddy and the lack of exposition often leaves viewers clueless on what was going on. It’s not until almost half way through the film that fans are given more information on what is really driving the story forward which may leave some frustrated while trying to put the pieces together.
As enjoyable as it is to see Kombat characters fully fleshed-out, there’s just too much of a good thing here. The character building is too extensive, especially when it comes down to characters’ backstories. At times, those stories just seem to drag on with useless information and some were notably longer than others. The film’s lack of editing slowed the pacing to the point where it breaks the rising tension and creates some pretty dull moments. Condensing each character’s story down to the most engaging points could’ve kept the audience invested rather than overwhelming them with so much front-loaded information.
Overall the newest Mortal Kombat film had its high and low points but it is definitely a movie I see big fans moderately satisfied and anyone else slightly disappointed. Those who are just getting into the franchise will probably find both the plot and action lacking. It is still worth the watch for anyone interested in seeing these familiar characters come to life, that is if you don’t mind this cutting some significant time away from your action fix.