What’s the craze over Crave Cookie?


Hannah Nguyen

Box of the three classic flavors and their flavor of the week, salted caramel.

Hannah Nguyen, Staff Writer

The new hot spot for cookies in The Marketplace claims to have “premium cookies” but do they really deserve such a title? The company Crave Cookie has finally opened a store front and drive thru after having a delivery service for the past two  years. Now what makes these cookies stand out from a typical cookie you can get from the grocery store? 

 Crave Cookie founder Shandi Scrivner says, “They’re crispy on the outside, they’re bigger and gooey in the center. For people at home it’s hard for them to get both crispy and gooey. I think I’ve perfected that.” I can back her up on that claim, because her cookies not only have the perfect consistency, but they also have rotating flavors of the week along with their three all-time flavors being chocolate chip, churro, and sugar cookie. 

 When going in to get myself a batch of these premium cookies I noticed they have outdoor seating which is nice for a place like this. It makes you want to sit with a friend and enjoy your treats together. When you first arrive you’re warmly greeted by their staff and you can’t help but notice how clean and minimalistic their storefront is. Along with their cookies you have drink options from local companies here in Fresno. Two notable drink options are coffee from Kuppa Joy and milk from Rosa Brothers’ Milk. I left that shop with a smile and a box of 4 cookies featuring their top three all-time flavors and their flavor of the week, salted caramel. 

 Just as Scrivner mentioned, all of her cookies had the most perfect consistency a cookie could have. They had a great crunch when I bit into them then as I worked my way to their thick middle they had this super soft and gooey inside. Plus it wasn’t just one cookie that was like this, but all of the cookies had this consistency and not one didn’t satisfy in texture.

 Another amazing thing about these cookies was that they weren’t overbearingly sweet despite their generous size. Even cookies with mixed in chocolate chips or caramel had a great balance of flavor. The sugar cookie was like this as well, with a layer of frosting on the top of it. The frosting was a nice touch of sweetness, definitely a bit sweeter than the others but that didn’t ruin it at all. The sugar cookie also wasn’t dry and powdery like the majority of sugar cookies I have had. 

Though one thing about the sugar cookie and churro cookie I had is that their toppings fell off easily and made it messy to eat. The sprinkles would fall off with every bite and the churro cookie cinnamon sugar coating would crumble off into your lap. Of course this was a bit inconvenient when eating but it didn’t take away from the joy I gained from trying these. 

One last thing about these cookies that I really liked was that each cookie was served fresh. They all came out super warm which just helped the cookie melt in your mouth. Plus the size of these cookies just made it all worth the price. These are great to share or great to break off pieces to take your time with to enjoy. 

Overall, my experience with Crave Cookie was full of sugary joy. The staff was kind and quick with orders. The cookies definitely deserve their title of being “premium” as described on their website. They truly didn’t disappoint in size and taste. The presentation of their store and their cookie selection was clean, enticing and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

 I will definitely be visiting again and I highly recommend you try them too. You can sample these delicious goods at the neighborhood location nearest to you, The Marketplace at El Paseo, 6525 N Riverside Dr. #101 Fresno, CA 93722. Or you can order through their website, GRUBHUB, Doordash and Ubereats to have them delivered straight to your door or at someone else’s door as a gift. 

I can now say that I fully understand the craze over Crave Cookie. They’re made with care with attention to quality and after eating one, you’ll never want to buy a grocery store cookie again.