End of Year Danzantes de Tlàloc show Friday


Photo By Jared Lozano

Folklorico dancers performing at the Fresno Fair.

Mariana Hernandez , Staff Writer

Central High School’s folklorico group, Danzantes de Tlàloc, is performing their traditional End of the Year show this Friday, May 24 in the Central East Performing Arts Center from 7-9 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Pre-sale tickets will be sold in room 301 at East for $10 and at the entrance of the show for $12 until seats sell out.

The show is a culmination of an entire year of work and will feature a full set of dances from various regions of México. The newest dance this Valley renowned troupe has been refining comes from the region of Baja California Sur and will serve as the show finale. Though this is one of the smallest in the nation, it is known as the origin of some of the most beautiful dance traditions.  Adding to the draw, Mexican band Arpe Conjunto Arpa Grande, which has been performing in the Valley since 2003 under the leadership of Miguel Prado, will open the show with live music.  There will be no raffles this time around, but there will be gifts for the seniors since this will be their last show at Central

This annual show is typically recognized for both it’s creative flair and skilled execution, but it’s also a touching time to say goodbye to graduating seniors. Some have been active in the program throughout their high school career. With respect to those dancers and their families, folklorico students and their adviser have been working exhausting hours to make this show the best of the year. Folklorico program director Rosa Gonzales stated, “When I watch my students on stage it makes it worthwhile.”

Dancers are also excited to perform and share how far they’ve come in mastering the art of Mexican folkloric dance, but the audience members they care most about are those who have supported them along the way. Senior Jacqueline De la Torre said, “I like that all the classes come together and put on a show for all their family and friends.”