Punjabi club hosts cultural night

Tj Nijhar, Staff Writer

Last week, the Punjabi Club provided an evening of cultural entertainment and education for our Central community. The four hour event that was dubbed the Land of the Five Rivers in honor of one of the most famous geographical features of Punjab included a buffet, fashion show, dance performances, guest speakers and a play re-enacting the separation of India and Pakistan. This was the second year in a row that the Punjabi club have put on this event with the intention of celebrating the history and art of the Punjabi people. Over 300 people attended, including parents, students, staff and community members.

Many attendees found the speakers, who spoke from personal experience about the partition, particularly moving. One of the lead student organizers of the event, junior Manisha Kaur Grewal states, “One thing that I loved about the event was how we invited and interviewed the elderly that were there during the partition of India and Pakistan. It was nice, yet sad hearing their stories from that time.” These poignant stories brought some audience members to tears, as did the reenactment of the partition. However, it also served to teach younger generations about this difficult period in Punjabi history. Taneesha Kaur Sandhu stated, “The night was really traditional and taught me a lot about the partition of Punjab. The skit was really emotional and taught others about how painful the journey was.”

Punjabi teacher and club adviser Jasbinder Kaur Saini explained, “The partition of 1947 is an important part of Punjab’s history. Once a state that was considered the lifeline of its country with its riches in education, agriculture, and textiles, was torn apart upon the recommendations of a few without considering the plight of millions of civilians. This was one of the World’s mass exodus of people that were forced to leave their homelands within just a few days of independence from the British being declared. Today we have only a few civilians still with us that were affected by this, and this evening will be used to honor those amongst us who managed to survive the upheaval, violence, socio-economic injustices, and the loss of families and friends.”