Zoology Club tours Cat Haven

Zoology members begin tour of Cat Haven facility.

Alyssa Rockey, Staff Writer

Just in time for National Wildlife Week in March, Central zoology students and club members took a trip to Project Survival’s Cat Haven, a non-profit park in Dunlap, California that is dedicated to the preservation of wild cats. A total of nineteen people attended the field trip, where they toured the facility and met with workers who taught them about different species of endangered wild cats including lions, tigers and snow leopards.

Cat Haven’s main focus is to educate visitors on endangered cat species, as well as raise funds for conservation projects in the wild. This year zoology students and club members voted to attend Cat Haven after studying a unit on identifying species based on the type and arrangement of teeth. Junior Mya Hernandez, a student in the zoology class said her favorite part of the trip was “listening to the people that work at Cat Haven and learning about the skulls of different cats and seeing them close up.”

This field trip was more than just a trip meant to fulfill student curiosity. Zoology teacher and club adviser Beth Johnson states, “Several club members are considering careers in the field of animals for their future.” The class plans to attend Cat Haven next year next year due to the positive experience students had at the park. Students were also impressed with what this conservationist group has done for animals and appreciate that the money from their trip will serve that cause. Johnson added, “The knowledgeable and caring employees made us feel we were the only ones there that day.”

Students interested in attending an animal-related trip next year, such as tours of sanctuaries, zoos, or training facilities, can find out more information by going to room 1604 for Zoology Club meetings every Thursday during lunch. Anyone interested donating or touring Cat Haven on their own can learn more by clicking the link to their website here.