Upcoming senior deadlines


Photo by Tj Nijhar

Seniors graduating in 2019.

Simran Atwal, Staff Writer

As the end of the year approaches the upcoming deadlines are crucial for seniors. Here are the current deadlines and updates for the month of April and May. Additional dates will be announced after spring break.

Graduation Robes & Memorabilia:

If you missed out on ordering graduation Robes and memorabilia, you may still order here. Common sizes run out faster as well as special order sizes. Class rings are to be picked up in 8-10 weeks in the office.There are limited number of graduation announcements printed for Central, so they will be sold.

Graduation Presenter Applications:

Foreign language graduation singers and speakers must have completed applications by April 12th and auditions are to be held on April 30th. `

Community College Registration:

Online registration for Fresno city , Reedley, Madera and Clovis community opens on April 30th and ends May 2nd. Seniors must complete online orientation along with an advising session with a college counselor.  Students will receive an email with their registration date and time.

College Decision Day:

May 1st is college decision day, where students decide whether or not they will attend to a college that has conditionally accepted them. If a student does not commit to a college by May 1st, applications will be rejected. College board t-shirts cost $3.00.

Robe & Yearbook Distribution:

Final college robe and yearbook distribution dates and times will be announced after spring break but are tentatively scheduled for the third week of May.

Prom Regulations & Dates:

Prom will be held on May 18th at Wolf Lakes. Tickets are $55 each.

Guests from other schools must have their school administration sign off on a form that must then be submitted to the host senior’s university secretary. Pick up guest forms at your university office.

Students must have no outstanding fines or disciplinary offenses. Students must also have a minimum 2.0 GPA (failing a class will not prevent students from attending as long as GPA requirement is met). The GPA requirement will be based on the 12 week progress report grades posted Tuesday, April 30th.

Finals & Last Day Dates:

Seniors take their finals on June 4th and June 5th.  The last day for seniors is on June 6th which will be a partial day, ending with the senior goodbye rally and slide show. Check out day is Tuesday June 11.

Senior Slide Show Deadlines:

Seniors may submit in 1-3 photos for the senior slide show presented during final senior rally and graduation. If you would like your photos included, you must pay $5 .00 for 1-3 pictures. Digital pictures are to be turned in from April 29th to May 3rd. Hard Copy slideshow pictures are to be turned in only with cash, from April 6th to May 10th to room 1605. April 30th is the last day to pay for any items. Payments and photos may be turned into senior adviser Anthony Nona in room 1605.

Graduation Day Details:

Graduation will be held on Thursday, June 13th at the Save Mart Center. There will be a parking charge, per car, for all attendees.

All seniors will be given 12 tickets which must be picked up on senior check out day, Tuesday June 11. If seniors are unable to pick up tickets on this day, they may pick them up from their university office. Children 3 and under do not require a ticket if they are sitting in a ticket-holder’s lap.

Practice will be held the day of graduation. Presenters, C.S.F. members and student leadership officers arrive at 7:45. All other seniors arrive at 8 a.m. Seniors may walk with a partner of their choice. Practice will end as soon as seniors complete a run-through of entering, sitting, collecting diplomas and sitting back down. The process takes 2 – 3 hours depending on senior cooperation.