Aida: Largest theatre production of the year opens


Aida played by Kayla Mendoza (far left), Radames played by Jonathan Padilla (mid right), and Amneris played by Tori Short (far right).

Jesse Herrera, Staff Writer

With the second semester comes Central’s second and final major theatre production for the year. The performance this go around is the musical Aida: The Timeless Love Story. West theatre teacher and Aida director Matthew Bridges describes the production as a “cross between Hercules and Romeo and Juliet.”

Originally a Verdi opera, this version of Aida is based on Disney’s Broadway show of the same name. It’s about an Egyptian captain named Radames, who committed to marrying Amneris, the Egyptian princess. However, after Radames and his troops captures a group of Nubians, he and their princess, the eponymous character Aida, fall deeply in love. These conflicted characters must now choose between their duty to country and love for each other.

The lead roles of Radames and Aida will be played by West campus juniors, Jonathan Padilla, and West Kayla Mendoza. Tori Short, an East Campus junior, will perform the supporting role of Amneris. All 3 student say that the story is very emotional and touching. “It gets at your heart sometimes and makes you cry.” Jonathan describes.

Having such an epic story to tell, the theatre program knew they had to pull out all the stops when it came to performances and production. The drama, choir, and dance programs are all collaborating to this end. This marks the first time all three have worked together on a show of this proportion. Light and sound manager Bayann Kherfan said Aida is set in an ancient time period foreign to most students, so the productions look is “different from musicals we have done in the past.” Tori adds the sheer scope of this musical truly sets it apart, “It’s a super entertaining, dance-heavy show with tricks, and a great love triangle.”

Opening night is Wednesday, February 27 and the first run of shows continue through Saturday, March 2. The show then resumes on Wednesday, March 6, through Saturday, March 9. All showings start at 7:30 p.m. in the East PAC. Ticket run $5 for students with ID and $10 for adults.