Alternatives offered to ease club fundraising laws


Photo By: Alexandra Rodriguez

Alexandra Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Central club members and advisers have become increasingly frustrated by fundraising restrictions mandated by recent California law. The legislation was intended to limit the sale of junk food in public schools and promote healthier eating habits, but it has also caused a sharp decline in club fundraising profits.

According to club members, these nutritional requirements have narrowed fundraising food items to products neither students nor teachers want to buy. In order to quell unrest and bolster fundraising, East Activities Adviser Shawna Sousa is in the process of developing alternative fundraising options. 

Festival of Holidays was the first in a line of many proposed fundraising alternatives. As the event was held after school, the restrictions were much more lax, allowing for the sale of sweets and home-baked goods that cannot typically be sold during school hours. A variety of foods ranging from tacos and burritos to cookies and cupcakes were all available during the event.

Foods such as these prove to be more profitable than the ones students are allowed to sell during school hours. Club member Caleb Hale says the widened scope of fundraising options allowed after school has boosted their club profits.

Sousa is in the process of developing additional after-school fundraisers like Festival of Holidays to make sure club funding is solid enough to secure important activities and trips. She reported that she is willing to make the extra effort as long as clubs and customers turn out for the extra events. She says that the amount of club participation so far is encouraging and is not ready to give up on alternatives yet.