Square Dance Club Offered at Central


Photo By Mariana Hernandez

Club membership has increased from 10 students to 15 new members.

Mariana Hernandez , Staff Writer

A new square dance club is offering classes every Thursday after school, from 2:30 to 4:00 in room 301 at East campus. Square dance is actually a part of the new after school program that was funded by a grant received last year.

Folklorico teacher Rosa Gonzales advises the club and teaches club members various forms of this traditional American dance, as well as the history behind it. Ms. Gonzales is also helping students master body posture, partner interaction and high energy performances.

The West shuttle buses in front of the Ag department buildings are available to take students to East and transport students home.

The history of square dance goes back to the 1600s. It was known as the Morris dance, and originated in England. This country dance typically features steps like weaving, circling, and swinging partners according to what a “caller” tells dancers to do.

The group performed at the Biola Raisin Day Festival on October 13th and is currently preparing for an upcoming show in March. However Gonzales is still open to new students joining. She said new students might have to watch the first few days but will eventually catch up.

Ms. Gonzales says she joined a square dance class about four years ago, and fell in love with it and is now at the advanced level. “I wanted to share with my students how much fun they can have by learning this art form,” Ms. Gonzales stated. She adds that she is very proud of the students who have joined because they have been motivated since the beginning.

Junior Jenna Subia, a club member, stated “It’s super fun, energetic, and it gives me something to do after school.”