Professional video journalist takes over C-TV

Rylee Rodriguez, Staff Writer

This year Central hired new teacher Darrell Hamilton to take over video production and instruction on the East campus. Hamilton has past experience as a professional video journalist and is now running the C-TV program at East Campus.

Hamilton initially developed a passion for Central football after being recruited to shoot games by Central Unified.

After establishing the video production program over 30 years ago, respected video production teacher Randy Burriss retired in Spring of last year, leaving the position open. Hamilton accepted the job.

Hamilton currently teaches both Video Production 1 and 2 and is in charge of running the Central Television staff who produce a high-pressure, daily student news program. Before coming to work for Central, Hamilton attended Reedley College where he received his initial video production training. He then went to work for the local CBS channel 47 television news program as a  photojournalist, eventually moving on to become a video editor for the station. Currently, Hamilton is majoring in communications at Fresno State.

Creating a professional classroom environment for students is a primary goal according to Hamilton. He says he wants his classroom to resemble, “a workplace, almost like a real newsroom where students are being responsible and taking care of their assigned jobs, but in the classroom.”  Another core value he’d like to instill in students is that they leave his classroom with broader communication and networking skills.

Video production students report enjoying the classroom work and the environment. Kolby Iller, a student in Video Production 1, states “It’s good. He lets us work freely and personalize our projects pretty much as we please.”

In turn, Hamilton says he’s been pleasantly surprised that he’s learned a new video trick or two from his more experienced students. He is very “grateful” for his advanced students who contribute to his classroom and work diligently to produce C-TV broadcasts every day.

Any students interested in video production can sign up for Video Production 1, join the new after-school Central Cinematography Crew club or see Mr. Hamilton to apply for the Video Production 2 staff that produces C-TV at East.