Important Upcoming Test Dates

Alexandra Rodriguez, Staff Writer


Attention Central High students, are you planning on taking any of the following tests; The SAT or The ACT if so, the following information applies to you.

The ACT is a multiple-choice entrance exam used by colleges and universities to determine admission into their institution. It features a Math, English, Science and Reading section; and an optional essay task that is different from the SAT. This test is accepted by all major four-year universities and can supplement ones low GPA for a higher score. The ACT will be administered on October 27, 2018 in the gym. Register on the ACT website and see Mrs. Brooks or Mrs. Williams in the career center for a fee waiver.

The SAT is also a multiple-choice entrance exam used for college admissions and the most commonly accepted test alongside the ACT. It features a Math, English,and Reading section. And an optional essay task that is different than the one administered by the ACT. Unlike the ACT, the SAT has no science section unless you plan on taking an SAT subject test. These tests are on specific subjects chosen by the test taker and can be used for college placement but are not required. Practice for the SAT can be found for free on Khan Academy; an educational organization that provides lessons and interactive practices on various subjects. It can tailor specific lesson plans to strengthen an area that might be lacking to prepare for the test. The SAT will be administered on November 3, 2018 in the Central East gym.

Students planning on attending a four-year college immediately after high school are the only ones required to take either of these tests. Students intending to transfer from a city college to a university are not required to take either of these tests. SAT prep is being offered on Mondays for English and Thursdays for Math.

Although these tests’ may be a long and arduous task, Mrs. Brooks finds the “discipline and the preparation for a test like that is good for your overall academic development.” Although these tests can be daunting, proper study can make all the difference.