Top Underrated Animated Shows of 2018

John Kipp, Staff Writer

There are many popular animated shows that continually interest their audience with every new episode such as Steven Universe or Rick and Morty. However, with ingenious animated series like these to watch, there are some that have been underrated or are too new to garner the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, lovers of animation haven’t batted an eye at many of the shows on this list. Here are the top 5 most underrated animated shows of 2018.

1 Final Space

Final Space was released on February 15th, 2018 and the plot revolves around Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick named Mooncake. The story shows how Gary the astronaut and Mooncake save the universe from the evil lord commander, a small alien with the power of telekinesis. The story had hooked me as well as many other fans I would say what got me was the stupidity of the main character Gary and the irrational way he reacts to situations. With the universe at stake, sometimes survival comes down to the decisions of idiots. This is true in the world of Final Space and may be equally true in our own.

This is the newest show on the list which is why it may not have gained major popularity. However, it does have an 8.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

2 Disenchantment

This definitely as series that is targeting a more mature audience. Disenchantment came out August 17th, 2018, and was conceptualized by The Simpson’s creator Matt Groening. It’s about a young princess, a loyal, little elf that she’s saved and her personal demon that can’t seem to decide if it should help or destroy her.  As she tries to figure out who she is, her friends, family, society, and even her side-kicks place obstacles in her way. The Disenchantment world is colorful, original and the humor is much darker than any of Groening’s previous visions.

This show may have lower ratings but it is only in its first season. It’s still worth watching and I believe these talented writers will have fixed all the problems by the second season, IMDb gives it a 7.3 rating.

3 We Bare Bears

It was released on July 27, 2015, by Daniel Chong. It’s a deceptively simple show about 3 bears Panda, Grizzly, and Ice bear. Much of the series is about the bears trying to get used to living in a human society which makes for some interesting complications. Chong asserts that he wanted to create a series that addresses the challenges of outsiders in any society, whether they are excluded by race, culture or any other quality. The series acknowledges this while showing individuals have their own agenda and dreams, regardless of how they are categorized. Each of the bears has their own goal. Grizzly wants to make as many friends as he can. Panda wants to become famous. Ice bear just wants to cook.

This show operates on multiple levels and could be enjoyed by any age group. It received an 8.0 from IMDb.

4 The Loud House

The show was created by Chris Savino and came out May 2nd, 2016. It’s about Lincoln, an 11-year-old boy who must survive life with ten sisters who outnumber him and often, overpower him. The show takes us through his daily ordeals while he tries to navigate through challenges such as always being outvoted on issues he cares about versus having caring family members who are always there when he needs someone to talk to. For any of us who have mixed feelings about our families, this series presents the bad and the good about being a part of a family who you simply can’t escape.

The show’s episodes range from brilliant to boring but is engaging most of the time. IMDb has given it a 7.4 rating.

5 Craig of the Creek

Craig of the Creek was released on March 30th, 2018, it is was conceptualized by Matt Burnett and Ben Levin. It is about a boy named Craig who goes to a creek every day to map it out, but it is mostly about the people he meets during this endeavor.  The kids he encounters may be having a paintball war or create a snake bar where kids can buy snacks. In general, the series reminds of the wild and weird things we all do as kids to keep ourselves entertained before anyone taught us that we shouldn’t. It’s also about how we interact with each other before we had jobs, roles or destinies mapped out for us and the whole world was at our feet.

This show appeals to young audiences, but also to those of us who are feeling nostalgic about leaving all the possibilities of childhood behind. IMDb gives it a 7.5 rating.

Animation is a medium that keeps pushing boundaries in the entertainment and art world. It’s able to address societal issues in inventive ways that film just can’t. If you take a chance on one of these series, it’s possible that you’ll find them more relatable, clever and funny than you expect.