Hydroflask trendy, but consider alternatives



Katherine Maitre, Staff Writer

It’s hard to ignore the colorful, stainless-steel fashion statement that has become an integral part of teenage culture. Channeling their personalities through stickers and colors, teens have adopted the Hydroflask brand. Just like any other trend, word spread like wildfire. Most trends seemingly have no real benefit to those taking part in them, but owning a Hydroflask is potentially the healthiest fashion statement one could make. The argument can be made that plastic bottles are recyclable thus causing no harm to the environment, but the fact of the matter is only about 23% of plastic bottles actually get recycled.  With or without realizing it, each of these Hydroflask customers have prevented about 217 plastic water bottles from ending up in landfills each year.

If the environmental benefits don’t convince you, consider the personal benefits. Plastic often carries a chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA) that has been linked to hormonal problems and even cancer. Assuming you’re drinking the recommended four bottles a day, this would come out to about $3,000 a year just on water, and making the purchase of a reusable bottle a fantastic investment.

So why Hydroflask? None of the benefits of purchasing a reusable bottle are restricted to one brand. Saving the environment and your health doesn’t need to cost $40 (yes, a 32 oz. Hydroflask is $40). Here are some insulated stainless steel Hydroflask alternatives that will cost you less while keeping you and our environment healthy.

  • Klean Kanteen 32oz Insulated Classic – $36.95 

Family owned “Klean Kanteen” uses BPA free stainless steel. They also provide free water stations at local events in Chico, California. They are one of the most long-standing, manufacturers of reusable water bottles.

  • Takeya 32oz Actives insulated water bottle – $34.99

Takeya uses food grade, BPA free, recyclable materials. Made of pure stainless steel and keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.


  • Thermos 32oz ELEMENT5 vacuum insulated beverage bottle with screw top lid – $29.99

Thermos focuses on the vacuum technology of their bottles. During construction, the air between the two walls in the bottle is sucked out to create a vacuum. This keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. Made with stainless steel and a hypoallergenic lid.

  • Contigo 32oz Thermalock™ Matterhorn – $19.99

Contigo bottle with spill-proof technology and an “auto spout” that allows you to drink with a press of a button. Vacuum insulated and stainless steel.


  • Mira 32oz Sierra Water Bottle 

Insulated, stainless steel, and BPA free. Coming in under $20 this is the most cost-effective bottle on the list.

Whether you want to make a personal statement or save the world, a reusable water bottle is a great investment. Don’t let the toxic tunnel vision of name brands hurt your wallet.