Central High’s first annual Cinco de Mayo celebration

Shot and edited by Emily Keomany Some footage courtesy of Scott Donaghe

Emily Keomany, Staff Writer

This year, Central East High School celebrated Cinco de Mayo with festive activities such as dancing, games, music, and more. It’s the first time Central has celebrated Cinco de Mayo and “we are hoping to do it for the whole week next year,” states Spanish teacher, Mr. Jimenez.

Central language teachers hosted activities on Thursday and Friday. The French classes organized games such as ‘Spin the French Wheel’ where contestants were asked cultural questions about French and Spanish Culture and Cinco de Mayo (The Battle of Puebla). They also had a ‘Monument Toss’ where a student threw bean bags at French monuments and was given an extra point if they could name the monument they knocked down.

Friday consisted of 2 solo dances from Folklorico that will be performed at the end of the annual showcase. The French and Spanish classes also did a re-enactment of the Battle of Puebla. Mr. Hernandez along with other teachers provided tacos and burritos all throughout lunch. The day ended with students getting a chance to hit the piñata and win some candy.