More than tutus & toe shoes….

The hard work behind Central Ballet’s program


Members of ballet 2 before their end of the year performance.

Naileah Meza , Staff Writer

Anyone who saw Mr. Anton Romanov’s beginning and advanced ballet classes dance during their annual performance in the PAC this month, would have appreciated the beautiful, traditional costumes and their highly skilled performance. “I enjoyed seeing people that I know from school performing in a way that I never thought that they would perform,” says junior Damaris Valdez.

However, few realize the time required to produce a performance like this. In addition to the incredible endurance and strength ballet requires, dancers must also be graceful and precise. Behind each performance there are hundreds of hours of practice.

Due to the fact that students enter with varying levels of physical ability, ballet teacher Anton Romanov prefers to adjust routines to suit each student. Next, students must learn the vocabulary and the individual steps in order to complete the routines effectively. “Before you start to dance, you have to know the movements, then you start to put combinations together,” says Romanov.

Despite the grueling preparation, students report it’s worth it for a variety of reasons. Senior and advanced ballet student Hannah Kelly describes what she enjoys most about ballet stating, “It’s a workout and it’s fun using your body in a way to form art. I think that’s really cool to just dance and be free.”

Ballet 2 has taught junior Briana Ruiz persistence. She explains, “I’ll do something for a while, then I’ll get over it, but ballet has helped me to get better and just keep going.”

As for sophomore Nathan Nunes, it has helped him to become more dedicated inside and outside of class. “It’s not something everyone can do. When I first joined it was pretty hard, but as I continued, it became easier,” said Nunes.

Though this new program has seen increased popularity in recent years, it  has been challenged by the cost of costumes. Students must pay for anything they wear during performances and at least one pair of ballet shoes per year. In some cases, Romanov has paid out of pocket for his students. The program is truly in need of some additional funding to offset expenses like these.

Donations are accepted and can be offered to the ballet program by contacting Mr. Romanov by email: [email protected] “It’s always nice if somebody is willing to support you,” stated Romanov.