Central guitar ensemble ties for 1st at Valley guitar summit


Photo by Fresno City College Photography

This is the third year for the Central Valley Guitar Summit to be held in the Old Administration Building of Fresno City College.

Evelyn Govern, Staff Writer

All guitar ensembles of Central High School performed at the annual Central Valley Guitar Summit at the old administration building of Fresno City College on April 13, 2018. This year, the level 2 guitar ensemble placed 2nd out of Central Valley high schools and tied with Level 1. Level 3 performed as an exhibition since flamenco guitars and percussion instruments were included. As a result, according to Mr. Brian Garcia, the flamenco instructor at the West Arts Center, Level 3 did not receive placement.

Level 2 performed a waltz and “Seguriya” by Angel Pastor—a world-renown flamenco singer. This provides a sample of classical and flamenco disciplines —two contrasting genres of music. The song choice was strategic as it allowed level 2 groups to showcase their full potential and growth as a well-developed ensemble. “I think our performance went very well. I feel that the results we received were fair as we did make some mistakes,” recalled Luis Chavez, a sophomore at East Campus.

Level 3 performed a rumba by Jason McGuire—an outstanding guitarist from the Bay Area—and received positive feedback from the judges, according to Bryan Santoyo, a junior at East Campus.

“Overall, the experience was very positive and the program will grow as the students get more opportunities to perform and meet other student musicians and amazing artists such as Jose Antonio Rodriguez,” reflected Mr. Garcia. Jose Antonio Rodriguez is a world-renowned flamenco guitarist, composer and music professor from Córdoba, Spain who attended the event.