Prom ticket purchase, guest passes, event information


All guest passes are due May 9th and found outside of room 2301

Brianna Figueroa, Staff Writer

This year, Central’s prom is themed A Night Under The Stars and it will take place on May 12, at Holland Park West from 7pm-11pm. Ticket prices will rise as the event draws closer. Ticket sales began April 30 with early purchase prices of  $90 per couple and $45 per single through May 4. The second week sales started off at $100 per couple and $50 per single, from May 7 through May 9. Towards the end of the second week, on May 10th and 11th prices will go up to their final price, running $110 per couple and $55 per single. At any point of purchase, an ASB sticker can be shown for discounts of $5 off the ticketed price. Dress code information will be provided upon ticket purchase.

Dance passes will be available in the student store at break or lunch and can also be found in hanging envelopes outside of East activities director Shawna Sousa’s classroom, 2301, located in the new portables behind the gym. There are three different dance passes, first for students that both attend Central (white), a second for guests who attend another high school (yellow), and a third for guests who do not attend high school but are under the age of 21 (purple). The last day to turn in passes for guests from another high school (yellow) and guests not attending high school (purple) is May 9th in order to be approved on time. There will be strict activity guidelines written on the back of the dance pass. Passes must be checked by the finance office to be cleared of fines before going to your university secretary in order be approved. Dance passes must be approved according to the guidelines before purchasing tickets and the tickets can be purchased at the student store during break or lunch.