Principal Perez, folklorico place first in lip sync battle


Jackie Martinusen, Staff Writer

Central’s principal Robert Perez and folklorico group, Danzantes de Tlàloc  recently won the Central Valley Principal’s Lip Sync Battle for a second year in a row. 

Perez attended practices to learn the songs and choreography, not only bring attention to Central’s folklorico talent, but to garner scholarship money, totaling $3,500 for the outgoing seniors, after they secured the win. 

Every year, high school principals and select school organizations or clubs work together and create lip sync masterpieces culminating in a school competition judged by the Rotary community service organization.

On April 14, in the Clovis West high school gym, principals and clubs from around the Central Valley competed to see whose performance is the best. The principals compete for glory, bragging rights and most importantly, to try win scholarship money for the participating seniors. The competition was created in 1987 by Mike Sturtevant of the Modesto Rotary Club.

This was Central’s second year back in the lip sync competition after taking a 10-year hiatus from competing. Central’s five-minute performance was a combination of “a mashup of songs, LED lights, drum solos, costume changes, and props” according to senior folklorico member Sumith Goyal.

The group worked tirelessly to make sure they represented Central well. This performance was a complete group effort with production students orchestrating the numerous costume, prop and background changes, as well as dancers performing a series of diverse, intricate, interwoven numbers. Their artistry, determination were the key factores behind Perez and Central High winnning first place in the competition. In turn, Perez’s drum solo and lip sync delivery solidified their standing. He explains, “Knowing that all these students were behind me, dancing and performing inspired me.”  

Perez says he knew Central’s folklorico group would shine long before the actual competition. “These kids and teachers are so talented,” said Perez.

If you would like to watch the winning performance, check it out here.