Central raises funds on Kids Day 30th anniversary

Thousands raised for children’s hospital charity

Sean Haymon, Staff Writer

March 6th marked the 30th anniversary of Kid’s Day and Central volunteers marked the occasion by raising thousands of dollars for the Valley Children’s Hospital funraiser. Kid’s day started in 1988 when Valley Children’s partnered up with ABC 30 and The Fresno Bee to help raise money to improve the hospital’s technology. Since then, the fundraiser has helped thousands of families in the Valley by contributing to better care for sick children. This year, more than 7,000 volunteers helped sell newspapers to people all around the Valley.

Every year, Central’s  leadership team goes out to sell news papers at 5:00 in the morning and this year was no exception. Students from both East and West campus set up at the intersections of Cornelia & Ashlan, Milburn & Herndon, Polk & Bullard and Ashlan & Parkway to help sell. East campus raised over $2,00o with leadership volunteers. West campus leadership collaborated with FFA to raise over $3,000. The collaboration proved more profitable for the charity and invites the prospect of more in the future.

Participating educators, students and organizations came out  for a variety of reasons, but most simply, they wanted to meet the needs of the hospital programs and equipment that come at an astonishingly high price. “I think Kids Day is really important, not just because all of the money that was raised, but all that needs to be raised. It may seem like we brought in a lot, but in reality, it will probably only pay for one machine in the hospital,” stated East activities director Shawna Sousa.

The experience allowed volunteers to bond, have fun and help children all at once. “It was a great time being out there with my friends to help a good cause,” said Emma Green, a senior leadership student.