Girls’ basketball season ends at playoffs


Photo by Jasmeen Dhother

Sophomore point guard Jada Heights driving in for a layup.

Sean Haymon, Staff Writer

After a rocky start of the season, our lady Grizzlies’ season has come to an end. On February 3rd, 2018 the Grizzlies took a nail biting loss by 2 points to Clovis North in the 2nd round of playoffs. They played their hearts out, finishing the season with the record of 12-18 overall and 4-6 in league.

Throughout the season the varsity girls have had adversity come at them like never before. This group stuck together through thick and thin and say they’ve built more than just a bond. It’s a sisterhood that will hopefully last for more years to come. This was the youngest varsity team Central has had in years, with eight freshmen who were impressively able to compete at the highest level and win games in the strongest league in the valley. Head coach Geoffrey Clayton stated, “Sisterhood over everything.”

Clayton added that the big take away from this season is to “always place culture ahead of winning. It’s much more than just basketball. It’s a learning curve and a platform to grow on mentally and physically. We’re developing young women into great members of the Central community and the biggest accomplishment was definitely the growth of all our players.  Our girls grew tremendously as players and more importantly as people.  During adverse situations, there were times I was disappointed with particular individuals, but upon reflection I would have to say those situations were blessings.”

Many team members sited their best game as the one against Bullard, where they proudly won by 35 points in playoffs. They played together and for each other in that game. They also realized where they went wrong. Senior guard Jessica Spencer stated, “We’ve got better as the season went by, but that loss we took was crucial.” However, the hits they endured also made them more determined to be resilient in the future. “When you hit adversity you have to pull through, have confidence and believe in yourself,” stated junior forward and guard Jayla Green. That is what this young team will take with them into next year’s season, and it should take them far.