Wind ensemble leaves for Carnegie Hall performance


Photo by Brianna Figueroa

All wind ensemble members gather for their send off party.

Brianna Figueroa, Staff Writer

Central’s wind ensemble was given a celebratory send off on Friday. They are traveling to Carnegie Hall in New York where they will perform with a small group of esteemed bands from all over the nation, including two other Central Valley schools, Kingburg and Modesto high, as well as Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. 

The Carnegie college and high school band festival runs from March 3-7, 2018. Band instructor Leonard Ingrande has worked to develop the instrumental music program at Central for fifteen years and says, “It’s an awesome feeling, once in a lifetime, not only to perform at one of the best venues in the world but to experience New York City itself. It’s great.”

Central’s woodwind ensemble was selected to perform at Carnegie last year after Ingrande submitted a recorded performance for consideration. Only six high schools and two universities were selected from a nationwide pool of candidates. “We get the entitlement of saying that we went to Carnegie Hall where bands like The Doors and The Beatles have played. It’s awesome,” stated senior band member Christian Canales.

The pieces that will be performed are Mother Earth by David Maslanka, Asphalt Cocktail by John Mackey, and Tango by Yosuke Fukuda. “We’ve been preparing since the fall season and have had many people come in to work with us as a group as well as practice with us individually,” stated senior Cambria Gerrits. The band is very confident in their pieces, but most members of the group heavily favored their Tango piece as the most potentially impressive.

The entire band was full of excitement during the send off party held for them at lunch, just a few hours before their departure.  They expressed surprise and appreciation for the large crowd that showed up to wish them well. Junior band member Breana Pulido said “Thank you for all the support that we’ve gotten from everyone and our performance will be for you guys.”

The band is also traveling to New York with a gift for Stoneman Douglas band members, t-shirts emblazoned with the motto “We Band Together.” The shirts were created as a gesture of support for Stoneman band members, who recently lost two of their fellow musicians in the tragic Parkland, Florida school shooting that claimed 17 student’s lives last month.