Class registration begins: key information and resources


Photo by JT Dwiggins

Counselor, Ms. Richmond helping sophomore, Emily Keomany choose classes for the upcoming year.

Brianna Figueroa, Staff Writer

As the second semester begins, students are gradually being asked to register for the upcoming school year. On January 29th counselors began calling groups of students into their university offices to provide one-on-one orientation information for class registration. During these sessions, they will answer questions regarding the newer online process implemented a year ago, as well as graduation requirements and elective descriptions. Registration outreach will start with freshmen, then will move onto sophomores and juniors. The entire registration period will end in mid-March for all grade levels. Here is all the basic information students will need to assist them with online registration once their grade level window opens.

Login to access your online registration form. Once logged in, go over the student info tab then click “classes” to register.

Student portal: Student Registration Login

Access the A-G requirements. Selecting the correct courses for your future grade level ensures that every section of these requirements are met and prevents the potential mistake of missing credits by the time you are ready to graduate.

A-G Requirements: Student College Requirement Information

Know Your Counselor: If you’re not sure of who your counselor is and have additional questions, here are the university and grade level break-downs to help you find yours. You can email any counselor by entering their first name initial and last name as the email address.


Latisha Richmond (9th-10th)

Michelle Vargas (11th-12th)

Stanford (G-O)

Victor Martinez (9th-10th)

Jasdip Boyal (11th-12th)

Notre Dame (P-Z)

Isaac Fregoso (9th-10th)

Shimeka Conway (11th-12th)

West Campus Counselors:

Cal Berkeley (A-L)

Melody Burris

Danny Teevens


Melissa Hernandez

Gurpreet Dhillon