New bestselling books to check out at Central library

Natalie Gallegos, Staff Writer

From billionaire disappearances to video-game hacker exploits, Central East librarian Christine Flores has a book for you. These are five critically-acclaimed, bestselling novels new to the Central East library and available for checkout now. These books come in a variety of genres from mystery to science fiction, so there should be a story here that everyone would enjoy reading.

   1. Turtles All the Way Down – John Green

Genre: Mystery

If you like adventures and mysteries, you might want to give this one a read. This story is about 16 year old Aza, who tries her hardest to be the best person she can be, despite her negative thoughts and her struggles with anxiety. When Aza and her more daring friend Daisy hear about the mysterious disappearance and surmised death of billionaire Russell Pickett, the hundred thousand dollar reward offered for finding him is more than enough to motivate them to investigate this missing person’s case. Together, they go to a distance to find Russell Pickets son, Davis, and hope to find clues that will lead to the finding the elusive Russell Pickett. The twists om plot will leave mystery enthusiasts guessing.

    2. Orbiting Jupiter – Gary D. Schmidt

Genre: Realistic Fiction

This story begins when Joseph, 14, is invited into a foster family. He meets his foster brother Jack, a 6th grader, who is curious about Joseph’s life. As days go on, Jack learns more and more about Joseph’s rough past, such as how he almost killed a teacher, went to juvenile hall, and will do anything to reunite with his baby, Jupiter, whom he has never met. The search for Jupiter continues as Jack becomes increasingly committed to help bring Joseph and his child together. Throughout this story, a variety of topics such as, depression, family issues, and bullying are explored. Orbiting Jupiter will give you a perspective on the way you treat and judge people.

  3. Hamilton: The Revolution–  Martha Brockenbrough

Genre: Biography

Based on the hit musical “Hamilton” and historical events, this biography is the story of Hamilton, his rough childhood, growing up with friendships, enemies, and troubles. This book touches on how he fought the British and how he came to be a founding father of America. Much like the acclaimed Broadway musical, it will also draw in those unaccustomed to caring about historical figures or the battles they have waged. It also goes a long way to showing teens how our early lives can seem insignificant, even troubled, and still lead to enormous life accomplishments.

   4. Warcross-Marie Lu

Genre: Science Fiction

                Warcross is about college dropout Emika Cheng, a hacker and a bounty hunter whose job is to track down gamers illegally betting online via the popular game Warcross. When Emika is in need of some quick money, she finds herself hacking into the Warcross Championships herself and becoming an overnight gaming, albeit, illegal sensation. Knowing the risks, she’s convinced that she’ll eventually be prosecuted. Instead, she is contacted by the creator of the game, a billionaire, who offers her a job in becoming a spy for next year’s tournament in Tokyo. After taking the position, Emika discovers some dark truths, causing her to question her decisions. This novel encourages teens to explore the glories and consequences of what we may all be willing to do for fame or fortune.

  5. Salt of the Sea– Ruta Sepetys

Genre: Historical Fiction

Very similar to Titanic, this book takes place during the World War – 2 period and tells four parallel stories about individuals who want freedom who take a ship that promises to be the safest. Thousands of people from multiple lands get on this ship and three of these passengers, Joana, Emilia, and Florian, stay together learning to trust one another, have courage, and are determined to find their route to safety.  Once they are so close to freedom, disaster hits and they, along with thousands of people on the ship, must fight for survival. Based on a true story, readers will find themselves both rooting for and inspired by characters who won’t give up in the most terrifying conditions.