Up & coming indie bands who deserve more

Cristina Zaragoza, Staff Writer

For those wanting to find the next big band before they get the mainstream spotlight, here’s a selection of those who are up and coming. They will all be on tour soon,  so if you’d like to check them out before they blow up…now is your chance. They all deserve a strong following, but aren’t on the radar, at least not yet.

Photo By: Kyle Lehman

Via: www.thirdstringproductions.com

The Wrecks:

The Wrecks were formed in late 2015, and have been releasing music ever since. They got some recognition after being able to be on the Last Young Renegades tour with All Time Low, which happened earlier this year. They’re currently working on their album which they’ll likely be releasing soon since they are going on tour. The band consists of Nick Anderson (vocals/guitar), Aaron Kelly (bass), Nick Schmidt (guitar), Westen Weiss (guitar), and Billy Nally (drums).

Nick Anderson has flexible vocals which impress and every song has a buildup to an energetic anthem-like tune. Most tracks start off soft and mellow but then turn into upbeat and catchy. Anderson’s strong point is when he belts out the chorus because that’s when he brings back the old school garage-rock, rough grit. Songs sound playful at first, but when it gets down to the lyrics, the Wrecks are all about encountering heartache and misery, with an ironically, upbeat tone of course.

Photo courtesy of www.bandmix.com

Palaye Royale:

Palaye Royale is a band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Earlier this year they have went on a U.S. tour with Sleeping with Sirens, but this wouldn’t be the first spotlight that they’ve received. In 2014 they were featured in a Samsung commercial. They released one EP in 2013, “The Ends Beginning” and then their first album “Boom Boom Room” late 2016.

Palaye Royale, they bring a special something to what has been recently coming up in rock and indie artists. Remington Leith provides a voice that gives off this Elvis Presley mood with the blues singer feeling. Danzig brings a powerful heavy sound on guitar while Barrett brings a more rhythmic upbeat tone on the drums. This can be noticed in songs such as “Ma Chérie” and “Don’t Feel Quite Right”, other songs do show these qualities but I chose two since they make these details easy to hear and so overall you can listen to the similarities.

Photo courtesy of altaz933.com

The Technicolors:

This Arizona band is currently on tour with The Wrecks until mid-November. They started recording music in 2012, and eventually released an album called Listener, followed up with Ultraviolet Disguise in 2015. Their most current album Metaphysical, which was released earlier of this year, garnered more attention, but still left them to underground status. Members of this band consist of Brennan Smiley (vocals and guitar), Mike Nicolette (bass), Mikey Fanizza (guitar), and Kevin Prociw (drums).

The Technicolors could be compared to popular bands such as Muse, Arctic Monkeys, and Radiohead in terms of musical style and vocals. Smiley has a strong, mature, rich voice that goes hand in hand, with the instrumentals. They have the kind of talent and style often overlooked by the mainstream, but offer a unique sound that threatens the status-quo.

Photo courtesy of www.altpress.com


The Houston, Texas band Waterparks were on tour earlier this year with All Time Low. Now they are going on their own national headlining tour to promote their first full-length album Double Dare. They released three EP’s prior to this: “Airplane Conversations”, “Black Light” and “Cluster.”  The members of this band are Awsten Knight (vocals and guitar), Geoff Wigington (guitar) and Otto Wood (drums).

The band’s sound ranges from the acoustic folk song “21 Questions” to the more aggressive punk track “Little Violence,” to the catchy pop tune “Take Her to the Moon.” They show they are still capable of catch lyrics, and  Knight shows his strong point while letting loose as a lead vocalist and bursting out with a chorus. One of their influences is Sum 41 and there are similarities in the mood of Knight and Whibley’s voices when they’re more aggressive.